Why the Alt-Right Exists or Doesn’t Exist

The Alt-Right is defined, above all else, by its being a phenomenon mostly consisting of faceless internet posts taking the form of text, image, video, and comment. Essentially the basic nature of what we call the Alt-Right is a decentralized, yet simultaneously centralized, group of internet goers. I am not sure what one could term … Continue reading Why the Alt-Right Exists or Doesn’t Exist


On Sideliners and Conformists

Many do not join "us" here in the neoreactionary title-line because they are simply so comfortable from their conditional standpoint. They have little reason to abandon their position, and much more easily prefer the comfort of joining into the simulacra from ease and rest. There is little rest to be had when you confer upon … Continue reading On Sideliners and Conformists

The Victimhood Egregore

Victimhood has become a living thought-form used by the left wing for the purposes of overtaking the rational thinking right winger. Let me just narrow this vision down to the key components: -right winger -left winger -victimhood egregore The right winger says something perfectly rational. Following this, the left winger casts the victimhood spell to … Continue reading The Victimhood Egregore

Making it as a Thought Criminal in 2016: Part 0

These are random thoughts I kind of wrote as a comment and decided to post here. I'd like to begin thinking more about this and more carefully explaining my positions for myself and others to help them understand why I think the way I do.¬†We need to learn how to make people understand. I've been … Continue reading Making it as a Thought Criminal in 2016: Part 0